My Exotic French Bulldog Puppies

My exotic French bulldog Puppies is an amateur breeding of exotic French Bulldog puppies, we have few litters a year since our principle is to have dogs with a good quality of life. We have puppies with and without registration, our puppies and parents are Blue, Lilac, Choco, Merle, our genetics is imported from Europe in order to guarantee a good quality

My aim is that the puppies exotics leaving my kennel are not only nice and cute, but also balanced, happy and healthy for the new owners’ delight. Therefore, besides my loving care an experienced veterinarian is also constantly observing their development.

French Bulldog Blue, French Bulldog Lila, French Bulldog Choco,
French Bulldog Lila & Tan. Exotic French Bulldogs

I hope you can find all the needed information on my website and in my blog I will share all my experiences and suggestions regarding the breeding, feeding and training of French bulldogs.

Cel: +1 (770) 374-9864 [email protected]


We ship nationally and Internationally


We understand just how important the safe shipping of your dog is. We are delivering to you a member of your family, and we will treat your dog like it was our own. While we know you would like your dog with you quickly, we have to comply with your destinations regulations which are in place for the safety of your dog.

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Contact Us My Exotic French Bulldog

Cel: +1 (770) 374-9864 [email protected]

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