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French Bulldog Blue

The French Blue Bulldog with blue eyes is one of the most popular colors in the United States, we can deliver your puppy at the best price

French Bulldog Puppies

Exotic French bulldog Puppies is an amateur breeding of exotic French Bulldog puppies, we have few litters a year since our principle is to have dogs with a good quality of life. We have puppies with and without registration, our puppies and parents are Blue, Lilac, Choco, Merle, our genetics is imported from Europe in order to guarantee a good quality


French Bulldog Blue, French Bulldog Lila, French Bulldog Choco,
French Bulldog Lila & Tan. Exotic French Bulldogs

The French Bulldog is a small breed which is typically characterized by a square-shaped head and bat ears. The breed is often called the “Frenchie” or “French Bulldogge.” The French Bulldog was first recognized in France in the 18th century, but it did not become popular until the late 1800s.

The French Bulldog is a small breed with a wrinkled face and bat ears. It has a short coat that comes in three colors: black, fawn and white. The brindle color is not accepted by the American Kennel Club but it is recognized by the United Kennel Club, United All Breed Canine Association, National Kennel Club and British Kennel Club.

There are many reasons why people may want to purchase an exotic french bulldog.

Some people have allergies and they may not be able to handle a regular breed of dog. Other people may want to purchase an exotic french bulldog because they are looking for a low-maintenance dog. This kind of dog requires minimal grooming and doesn’t need a lot of exercise.

The most common reason for purchasing this type of dog is that it is seen as being cute or fashionable.

Exotic french bulldog is a type of dog that was bred in the early 20th century. This dog is not like any other bulldog because it has some features of a pug and a shih tzu.

French Bulldog Puppies

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