After a tight race, a French bulldog was elected mayor of this small Kentucky town

As the country anxiously awaited the final presidential election results for days on end, one Kentucky town was resting easy after the victor of its own heated election was declared on Election Day.

Wilbur, a 6-month-old French bulldog, was named the mayor of Rabbit Hash, in Boone County, Ky. The tiny town is home to fewer than 500 people, who, as far as pet politics go, are deeply divided.

The town has never had a human mayor, but each election cycle, people from around the world cast their votes to elect a canine one. It’s mostly just fun and a distraction from the tension of human politics, but each voter pays $1 per vote and proceeds go to the Rabbit Hash Historical Society. This year, they raised nearly $23,000.

“We think this is the most important election of 2020,” said Bobbi Kayser, president of the Rabbit Hash Historical Society.

The town tradition of electing an animal to oversee the community started in 1998, when Boone County — which governs Rabbit Hash — was celebrating its 200th anniversary.

“They asked all the mayors to honor that birthday, but Rabbit Hash didn’t have a mayor,” Kayser said. “We decided that the best way to get a mayor was to hold our own election.”