Where are you located?
Our head office is situated in the beautiful city of Atlanta U.S . This is where we serve you from.

Can you help me locate a breeder?
Unfortunately not. There are many other sites doing that.

What type of payment do you offer?
Payment can be made by Bank Wire, Card Credit

When do I pay for the dog?
You do not have to pay the total amount all at once as long as the total price is paid prior shipping. Payments can be made at your convenience as long as…

The minimum amount to reserve your puppy is $100. USD
The price of the dog, not including shipping, must be paid in full at 8 weeks of age.
The total price is due 7 days before the planned date of arrival.

How long before I get my puppy?
We ship our puppies at the earliest possible moment, but never before 10 weeks. Each country has their own import regulations, with differing minimum age restrictions.

What is the best diet for my dog?
We recommend at first to feed your puppy the same food gave. You can gradually try a different food brand that is available in your location. We always recommend super premium or holistic (grain free) dry brands. Good choices are, just to mention a few: Royal Canin, Natures Variety, Taste of the Wild. We recommend feeding your puppy 4 times a day until 3 months of age, then 3 times a day until 6 months.

What kind of environment should I create for my puppy?
This depends on several factors such as the dog breed itself, your circumstances where you live. What really is important is to leave space for the dog, let it have his or her own corner where no one should intrude, where he can feel safe and by himself. But make sure breakables and any safety hazards such as electric cables are out of reach. Having plenty of dog toys too is a good idea.