The French bulldog that eats like a human

A nice French bulldog went viral on the networks that makes users smile because he feeds as if he were a human.

Social networks are full of diverse protagonists and personalities that attract all kinds of audiences, be it for their content of humor, fashion, music, cuisine and many other themes. However, there is one category that cannot be dethroned: that of animals.

Animals never cease to amaze on social media with their countless talents and tender moments that people get to film and post on social media. The most successful are usually the posts about dogs, cats and other pets, since they are the best company of man. In this case, a French bulldog became a viral sensation because of an unusual talent he possesses.

What’s most impressive about Bluenjy, though, is his ability to eat with utensils – it turns out the French bulldog can also hold ice cream sticks, forks, and chopsticks to eat sushi. Without a doubt, this dog never ceases to amaze his admirers, who he knows how to make them smile.